About Mark . . .

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Mark Mathias lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he leads an excellent life as a writer, general contractor, and musician – though not necessarily in that order – and is currently sifting through thirty-six  journals and forty years of writing in search of insights and observations about life, love, and God that might be of help to young men who feel as confused and ungrounded in their lives as he once was. Mark has worked with mythologist Michael Meade and the Mosaic Multicultural Foundation in support of their work to develop mentoring relationships and forms of community healing through innovative workshops and retreats that inspire personal growth and leadership development.

This website was created by Lisa Dalton, the greatest girlfriend in all the land, who Mark first met in 1982. “You Are Loved . . . an email memoir”, the book you see in the right hand margin, was published under the pen names Mark Fiore and Lisa Lucca and consists of a ten-year email exchange between them, telling the story of how and why life-altering choices were made to create a life Mark felt called to, with the help of Lisa, who, at the time, knew him better than he knew himself.


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